Contractor Resources - Changing Accountants

How easy is it to change accountants? The answer to this is – it's very simple.

If your existing accountant is providing you with an excellent pro-active service that was promised to you when you first joined them at a reasonable fee then stick with them, after all why try to fix something that’s not broken.

However, ask yourself...

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘YES’, then maybe it’s time to look for another accountant...

Changing your accountant is actually very simple.

Your accountant may be sorry to see you go, or at least should be. However, they are obliged to allow you to go and cooperate with your new accountant.

All it takes is one email from you to your accountant advising them that you wish to terminate their services, that's it, the rest is then taken care of between your existing accountant and your new accountant.

Don't put up with complacency from your accountant, it could be costing you time and money...

If you would like to change accountants or have any questions on the above please Contact Us